We provide you with the tools and resources to help build, market, sell, implement and support Internap’s portfolio of Internet infrastructure solutions.

Dedicated Partner Liaisons

You don't need a faceless company. You need people you can count on. Our Performance Partners benefit from the support and facilitation of an experienced Regional Channel Director and dedicated technical resources that help ensure seamless onboard training, certification, and timely support.

Solutions, Not Products

Your customers want to focus on their core business, improve service levels and lower the cost of IT operations. Internap empowers you with a robust portfolio of solutions with Cloud, Hosting, Colocation and Hybrid services in addition to our best-in-class Internet connectivity and CDN.

Extensive Support Resources

It's not enough to provide you with the best Infrastructure solutions in the world. From marketing tools to a sales or technical consultation, Internap provides our partners direct access to the knowledge needed to engage with customers.

Equitable Compensation Plans

Partners receive a residual commission for playing an active role in securing Internap business. If you prefer not to get too involved in a deal, our referral program affords the opportunity to simply introduce a lead and receive a referral fee if Internap gains them as a customer.

Flexible Levels of Engagement

With multiple levels to engage, you choose the support that complements your needs. Companies participating today span a range of geographies, sizes, and industries. From web developers and commercial real estate agents to IT Consultancies and System Integrators to CMS and Managed Service Providers, our list of partners is becoming more diverse every day.

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Not quite ready to be a Performance Partner?

Our Referral Program is ideal for individuals or organizations that don't want to enter into a reseller or agent relationship, but would like to introduce our services to potential clients. Signing up is easy, and participation is rewarding – a one-time payment is made for all of your referrals that become an Internap customer.

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